Profit from our expertise.

At Medtech Sales Service we have an understanding of your sophisticated product. We are in a position to convey this complex information purposefully and with a clear strategy to the essential points of contact on the medical technology market. You can also rely on our in-depth market knowledge, particularly in the medical sector, our extensive decade-long experience and our precise approach. Whether your company is already established on the market or you are launching a start-up, with our know-how you will have the perfect partner for your path to success. We can open up the world for you.

Sales & Turnover

As a driving force for sales we will achieve exponential growth rates for you and fulfil maximum objectives.

Sales Concepts

For your market success we will develop well-formulated, efficient sales strategies.
If required this also includes extensive sales and distribution training and the development of country-specific Master Trainers.

Market Entry Germany

With a tailor-made market entry strategy we can open up a lucrative sales market for you. We will identify effective key opinion leaders, provide you with comprehensive advice in terms of reimbursement and install a national direct sales team.

Start-up Support

We will provide you with a comprehensive service in order to support the successful market entry of your company – from the registration process to production and warehouse planning and the generation of key opinion leaders to the implementation of a global sales presence.

Sophisticated Products

We will make sophisticated applications accessible to the target audience with our in-depth knowledge of medical technology and therefore achieve a comprehensive market presence.

Get Connected

Our worldwide network of specialised manufacturers and strong sales partners along with first-class contacts with selected clinics and key opinion leaders will provide you with a unique sales and distribution territory on the market – both nationally and internationally.

World map

The world is big and so are your chances.

Sales markets are in constant motion and each industry makes specific demands of its market participants. Anyone who wants to be successful and assert themselves in the medical technology sector must know what and above all who influences this market. It is of crucial importance to have the right contact partner and the appropriate points of contact.

At Medtech Sales Service we provide you with advice and assistance so that you can take advantage of the worldwide market opportunities for the medical technology products of your company. Your benefit is our decade-long experience in this industry combined with the creativity to reassess conventional methods. Take advantage of this opportunity and speak to us!