The innovative kyphoplasty system for the cement-free treatment of vertebral fractures.

SPHEREPLAST® is the ground-breaking medical kyphoplasty system for the cement-free, minimally invasive treatment of traumatic and degenerative fractures of the thoracic spine and the lumbar spine. SPHEREPLAST® offers primary stability and is characterised by excellent ingrowth properties.

With the aid of pre-loaded cannulas, small titanium spheres printed in a 3D printing process are inserted in the vertebral body and a structure similar to the cancellous bone is created. This supports the proliferation of osteoblasts and the regrowth of bone tissue.

Stability for dynamic loads.

SPHEREPLAST® consists of a spherical trabecular structure, which is produced with the titanium alloy Ti6Al4V-ELI and via EBM technology (electron beam melting). The intelligent SPHEREPLAST® system offers excellent osteoinductive characteristics.

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