The high-performance bone punch.

Bone punches have been indispensable instruments in the medical sector for over 100 years, particularly during orthopaedic and spinal surgery. Even more astonishing is the fact that these instruments have barely developed over the past 100 years. It’s time for something new!

Morpheus AG from Germany is providing fresh impetus with its innovative product Rebellion and is taking the field of bone punches to a completely new technological level.

Thanks to Rebellion the medical removal of bone material is better than ever before – quicker, simpler and safer. As a single-use instrument Rebellion is always sterile, 100% hygienic, very comfortable to handle and it is extremely effective at cutting when employing low manual force. The internal suction of the instrument creates optimum visibility in the working environment and sucks and collects bone pieces, which have been cut off, in its Bone & Tissue Trap.

These crucial advantages mean that in some cases the user can considerably reduce operation times through the use of Rebellion bone punch.

Do you have any questions? Find out more about Rebellion by contacting us or getting in touch with Morpheus AG.

Rebellion bone punch is always sterile.


Anatomical comfort-handle of the Rebellion bone punch


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Bone & Tissue Trap of Rebellion bone punch


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Sharp precise undercutting with Rebellion bone punch


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Images: Morpheus AG, Germany